DSK Martial Arts

Rangers (4 to 6 Year Olds Program)

Our Little Ranger program is a program that is geared for our youngest members, pre-school aged through kindergarten.  Our program not only prepares our youngest members for our Kids Karate Program (7-14), but also focuses on helping develop social, motor and listening skills.  The development of these skills help our Rangers become better students at school, better listeners at home and lays the groundwork for success in their future endeavors.  We believe the time between the ages of 4 and 6 are the most important years of a child’s development.  Our program enhances positive development in a fun and motivating way.


Additionally, our program is designed to teach self-confidence, communal play, kid safety, stranger danger and serves as an introduction into the exciting  world of martial arts.


 The following are some of the skills and benefits students glean from participating in the Little Ranger Program.


Through martial arts related drills, exercise and games, our instructors help teach our students that self-discipline is both fun and rewarding.  


Having self-control means using their self-discipline skills and making good decisions.  Over time your child will learn to weigh ethics, morality, consequences as they make their decisions.  This is a skill that will serve them well in handling the problems and challenges they face in life.


Our students learn to focus on the task at hand.   This skill will help your child become a better listener, increase their attention spam and help them learn to better stay on task.  This skill will help your child become a better listner and more focused student in school.


Learning social skills and how to work in a team is a necessary skill for any young child to develop.  This skill will help teach your child how to work with others (learning the give and take of group dynamics) and this will help your child build confidence, develop character, make friends and leadership skills.  


Balance & Co-Ordination

These are two skills that go hand in hand and are beneficial to develop at an early age. Through our program, your child will develop a good sense of balance, posture and body control.  Our Rangers learn their left from their right, how to jump, roll and fall!  As a parent myself, learning to fall without getting hurt has been a welcome skill!  Our Rangers become better in other sports as well, ranging from gymnastics, dance, basketball to football to name just a few as the lessons in Balance and Co-Ordination are skills they can take with them.   Finally, the better the sense of balance and more co-ordination your child has, the better your child will be at avoiding sports or play related injuries.


Our program helps develop your child’s mind (there most important muscle) by improving their memory/recall.  Whether it is learning forms (patterns of pre-arranged techniques) or memorizing their Ranger Code of Ethics, your child will be putting his memory and recall to use.  Memory is a vital skill (even in our current age of Google) for a child’s success in both school and life.  A better memory simply put gives them an edge over their peers who have not worked on developing this skill.


Simply put, get your child out from behind the computer or Xbox.  Give them an activity to help burn off all that excess energy.   Sports are a great way to help keep your child fit and happy!