DSK Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts Classes

Our Martial Arts Classes combine old-school training with modern tactics to give you an amazing experience. As you master self-defense, your body will become stronger and faster, more coordinated, and more balanced. And because martial arts is also about inner-growth, you’ll find your life filled with more focus and determination too.

Our Martial Arts Classes are taught to children 6 and up and adults of all ages and fitness levels.

Our adult program has many benefits, including increased confidence, improved fitness, self-defense and an opportunity to learn and grow in the martial arts.



Confidence is a benefit that many adults want for their children, but rarely expect to receive from their own Martial Arts training. Yet, as adult students progress in their training, they often experience a  growing sense of confidence and peace.   This feeling comes from facing and overcoming obstacles and challenges faced in their training.  Moreover, this increased self-confidence spills over into the students day to day life, increasing happiness and contributing to a positive outlook on life.



The most obvious advantages of martial arts training is the development of self-defense skills.  Our curriculum is comprised of real world proven techniques that are powerful, direct and effective. In spite of the effectiveness of the self-defense techniques we teach, we believe that the most effective self-defense techniques we teach are situational awareness and sound judgment.  Students, while having the ability to deal with an attack, are less likely to NEED to deal with one because of their training.


Sport Martial Arts (Optional at no Extra Fee)

While optional, our students have the ability to compete in sport martial arts related events.  These events are a good way for a student to broaden their exposure to other martial arts, test the techniques they learn in class and help to build self-confidence and lasting friendships both within the school and without.  While not all of our students choose to participate in the sport aspect of martial arts, those that do typically go on to be State and National Champions.