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4 months ago

DSK Martial Arts

Due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) there will be no classes planned until April 1st. Please practice at home, we will reevaluate the situation closer to the planned restart of classes and will release any information at that time. ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

DSK Martial Arts

Mr. Jamie Yowell has the flu and the Dr. has not cleared him to be around others until 3/15.

For Airbase Students: Classes as usual. Mr. Yowell Sr. will teach these classes.

For Hope Students: Please go see Mr. Stewart at the Marshall Road location, this will be good as he will be sparring all week.
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4 months ago

DSK Martial Arts

2/19/20 - Remember Belting Ceremony and Pot Luck Celebration tonight!!!

School will supply Pizza and some drinks. See everyone tonight!
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5 months ago

DSK Martial Arts

Revision - Class will Now Be Closed tonight 2/6/2020 at the McArthur Location. It appears almost everyone has the Flu or flulike symptoms. We will meet as scheduled next week and evaluate at that time if we need one more class day to prepare for testing, which we may do so we can work a bit on the Memphis Open!! ... See MoreSee Less

5 months ago

DSK Martial Arts

As everyone knows, when schools are closed usually we are closed. However, schools have closed for the flu. Given testing, we will, however, have class as scheduled. What we do ask is that no one comes to class if they do not feel well. Let us not spread the germs. Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

5 months ago

DSK Martial Arts


I have moved testing to 2/12/2020 for the Airbase Students and 2/13/2020 for the Hope School. This will give us another three weeks to shake off the Holiday cobwebs. Please take advantage and make as many classes as possible between now and then!
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Awesome. Thank you.

Where is testing

9 months ago

DSK Martial Arts

PROMAC Competitor Spotlight for October 2019
Come Join Joey at the Music City SmacDown Nationals on October 26, Nashville, TN.

Name: Joey Coey

Age: 6

Hobbies: Taekwondo and Baseball

Martial Arts School: TNT Martial Arts

Martial Arts Instructor: Peter Phi

Base System(s) of Martial Arts: Taekwondo

Team Affiliation: Team TNT

League Affiliation(s): (example ASKC, PRO-MAC, NASKA): ASKC, PRO-MAC, NASKA

Brief Biography: With a huge heart, Joey has never met a stranger! He brings this heart to his martial arts school and the competitive circuit. After entering kindergarten in 2018, Joey needed a little more to keep him occupied. As luck would have it, Joey’s parents enrolled him into Taekwondo. He diligently worked his way to an advanced yellow belt. Unbeknownst to young, Joey…things were about to get a LOT MORE exciting. After watching his sister compete at Pro-Mac tournaments, Joey decided that this was the thing to try. Initially, participating in the first timer’s division at a ProMac tournament, Joey fell in love with sport martial arts! The first timers division helped Joey overcome the fear of entering the ring, and once this last hurdle was crossed, there was no stopping him! Joey continues to improve his technique and then test it in sport competition. Joining Team TNT, Joey now represents his school and team at many tournaments! His favorite events are traditional forms and point sparring. When asked what he likes about the martial arts, Joey tells us, “I like martial arts because I get to learn cool moves and patterns. I love sparring because it teaches me how to protect himself.” When asked what his goals are, he says, “I want to win a tournament and I want to learn how to use kamas!” Now, at the beginner orange belt level, it is going to be a treat to watch this young man grow, as he competes on the circuit.

Competitor spotlight sponsored by the Natural State Classic, held November 9, 2019.
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9 months ago

DSK Martial Arts
9 November 2019-Natural State Classic T-Shirt

Its here!  The public has spoken.  Very limited supply.

9 November 2019-Natural State Classic T-Shirt

It's here! The public has spoken. Very limited supply.
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DSK Students Getting Ready to Test

DSK Students at three locations preparing to test in April of 2018.  We are very proud of all the hard work that our students have put into getting ready!  May of you need to continue working on Geicho Yi Bu Sang Gup!  Own it!

Below Noah poses with his family after officially becoming the senior Yellow Belt at the Airbase Class!  Way to go Noah!

Noah showing us a glimpse of his fighting spirit!

Not to be left out, two days later good friends and training partners Kaylee and Cheyene earn their stripes!  Great work!

Our yellow belts only need their Self-Defense Stripe and testing is assured!

DSK Rocks the Bridge

DSK Martial Arts students from two school locations (Marshall Road and McArthur Drive)  went and competed today successfully at the Battle Under the Bridge!  Congratulations!

Emmett getting ready for forms – 2nd out of 12.  Emmett competed up a level today for the first time in the intermediate division.  Good job!
Deboarah came to play today (don’t let the chilled pose foul you).  She placed 1st in Sparring and 2nd in Forms.  Moreover, Deborah went up an age bracket to the 15-16 year old bracket!  Way to represent your school!

Abby competed up a level today for the first time in intermediate and did very well.  In the picture above she fought for first, but came in second in a close one.  She also placed 2nd in Extreme Weapons.  Way to go Abby!
Additionally, our school had several other competitors do very well at the event winning 2nd through 4th place.  We are proud of everyone.  Now, let’s get ready for Mr. Joey Perry’s Arkansas Open on April 28th in Jonesboro!

Battle Under the Bridge March 10, 2018

DSK Students from multiple school locations converging on West Memphis for Master Brewer’s Battle Under the Bridge on March 10, 2018.  This event kicks off the ASKC season.  Good luck students!

Students getting ready for the Battle Under the Bridge.  We are coming to West Memphis to have fun!!


DSK Students Help Feed the Needy in Jacksonville

I want to thank our students for teaming up with Hope Lutheran Church’s Food Pantry helping to feed the needy in Jacksonville, Arkansas.  You guys are awesome.  We will start taking food donations on a quarterly basis for those that continue to want to help out.  Next quarter, I know we can do better!!!  Thanks to all who donated!

Abby Yowell Puts on a Dominant Performance at the Memphis Open

Arkansas State Champion Abigail Yowell put on a dominant performance on February 17, 2018 at Joey Perry’s Memphis Open.  Abby won first in three divisions, second and three third place awards!  Way to go Abby.  This was Abby’s last time competing as a beginner.  On March 17, 2018 she will be competing for the first time as an Intermediate belt at Master Brewer’s Battle Under the Bridge.

DSK Students Claim their 2017 State Champion Titles

Deborah, Shihan Bly, Shihan Yowell, Abby, Mikaela, Samantha, Emmett

On February 10th, 2018 the ASKC crowned its State Champions!  DSK Martial Arts students were there to represent us and the state of Arkansas.  We are very proud of our students and in particular these young champs!!  Way to go!

Some of our girls dancing away!!

Emmett, Robin and Ricky.  Man Emmett looks sharp!